Multidisciplinary artist, specialized in painting and performing arts. Traveled incessantly across cultures around the world for over 18 years. Currently based in Madrid, Spain.

María D. Alba - La Pucelle

Toledo 1980


Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts (2002), Doctorate degree in Research: Contemporary Art (2006) and Master's Art in Public Sphere (2007), University of Castilla-La Mancha.


Scholarship at Institute of Theatre (Barcelona, Spain 2005).

Worked like as a researcher about visual theatre in Rose Bruford College (Sidcup, London), Live Art Development Agency and Central School of Speech and Drama (London).


Also worked as a teacher at UCLM (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Fine Arts, Cuenca - Spain) as well as visual creator. She has worked in the developent of investigation projects on performing arts in Spain. She is also the co-founder of the project ARTEA/AVAE (Virtual Archive of Scenic Arts). As well, co-founder and active artist of diverse projects like Órbita & INTACT Project.


Has coordinated several seminars dedicated to performing and visual arts at UCLM, cultural centers and Toledo City Council. Author of numerous articles at the University, telondefondo (Argentina), Revista Afuera (Madrid). Active participant and presenter at different conferences ad workshops at UCLM (Cuenca), La Laboral (Gijón), Barcelona Festival (Sitges), Central School of Speech & Drama + Little Angel Theatre (London), INBA (Tetouan), La Maison (Paris) or Science Museum (Cuenca).


Casa Falconieri (Italy) scholarship recipient for professional of visual arts from Diputación of Toledo (2011) and National Institute of Fine Arts, INBA (Tetouan 2011-2012) scholarship recipient.


In addition to all these initiatives, continues to work independently, refining her performing arts and visual work, which she showcases in exhibitions, conferences, workshops and creations in Spain,  England, France, Italy, Germany, Morocco, Bulgaria and Israel.

Has worked with different theater companies and institutions, such as Teatro La Abadía, Teatro Calderón (Madrid), OFF Latina, Teatro Real, Teatro Fernán Gómez and Teatros Luchana ((Madrid), Little Angel Theatre (London), BBC (London), WeArt (Barcelona), Young Artist Contest (Toledo),  FIG  Internacional Engraving Festival (Bilbao), FemLink (International collective of artist women, Paris), Tres en Suma (Madrid), Ellas Crean & Miradas de Mujeres (Madrid), AlacOA (Zamora), A Tiempo Teatro (Madrid), OFF Latina, La Sala  Mayko (Madrid), Good Plays Company and Microteatro por Dinero (Madrid), Good Films, Iberia Express, Madrid Destino, Acco Fringe Theatre Festival, etc. She is part of Rivas Cherif Lab in CDN, Madrid, since 2019.

She has been working since 2019/2020 season in Teatro La Abadía (Madrid). As well as a professor in Visual Culture  and Artistic Expression at Castilla - La Mancha University (Toledo).


Currently, she is constantly working on new paintings, going out in the streets and sharing art with people and events, researching about visual art, performing arts, education, communication and society.